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TechX Events are developed by the visionary experts at Global Convergent Technologies and its public safety and technology ecosystem. This global team works collaboratively to integrate technologies that solve complex challenges in crises by testing, evaluating, and proving them in our immersive experiences and events.



Help first responders achieve their missions more safely, securely, innovatively, and reliably by demonstrating, showcasing, and testing emerging technologies, networks, and interoperability.in a simulated, but realistic environment.



Designed specifically to address crisis challenges, TechX uniquely enables the demonstration of solutions in an environment that is familiar to and resonates with attendees while layering in technology to the missions.


Welcome To TechX Events

Backed by the innovative and visionary experts behind the former Operation Convergent Response (OCR), TechX Events works collaboratively with an always evolving public safety and technology eco-system to help solve complex crisis challenges by testing, evaluating, and proving emerging technologies in our immersive, first-responder enacted live scenario experiences and events.

  • Where curated technology is placed in the hands of first responders in live action scenarios and explored in purpose-built Missions, our TechXChange spaces, innovator program, talks, and more.
  • Conducted in a live environment on a remote network under real world conditions where solutions from an eco-system of tech providers are demonstrated, utilized, and tested so they are at their best in the moment of crisis.

What is TechX?

An in-person and mixed reality multi-day experience:

TechXMissions TM

  • Led by Public Sector leaders, these are hosted tours of the tech-infused live scenarios that start and end in their corresponding TechXChange vignettes.
  • Explore a Ready, Respond, Recover, Rebuild crisis lifecycle

TechXTalks TM

  • Knowledge-enriching tech talks, keynotes, and panels on the value of technology in a crisis
  • Includes in-depth discussions between leaders and experts in the public sector and tech industry


TechXInnovators TM

  • Interactive hands-on technology and tactical demos, classes, and training
  • Testing ground and funnel for emerging technologies
  • Start-up mentoring, training, competition, and match-ups


TechXChange TM

  • Comprehensive purpose-designed arena, enabling tech demos, inspiration, and innovation
  • Hub of all activity where missions begin and end; talks are hosted; and where technology is exhibited by the technology eco-system

TechX Missions

  • Scripted and tactically driven live action exercises
  • Infused and enabled by innovative technology
  • Enacted by real first responders

  • Built around a realistic disaster or crisis narrative
  • Demonstrates how technology is key when every second counts

  • Civil Unrest
  • Search & Rescue + Wildfire
  • Structural Collapse
  • Border Operations
  • Attack on a Pandemic-Ravaged Medical Facility

Our Team


TechX InnovatorsTammy McLean

Chief Experiential Officer and Founder, TechX and TechX Events
Public Sector Special Forces Team

TechX AdvisorsKirk McKenzie Captain (Ret.)

Military & Public Safety Resource Team

TechX Experiential AssociatesStefan Truthan

Catonka CEO, and TechX Mixed Reality Visionary
Public Sector Training SMEs

TechX Eco-System150+ Public Safety Tech Solutions

Cadre of University, Public Sector, Private Co. Thought Leaders

Our Clients